About us?

We are a one-of-a-kind Contact Center that provides innovative and customization solutions for businesses and organizations primarily in the financial services industry.  Also, we work with small businesses who cannot afford large payrolls or who want to reduce costs.

Our founder has a background in finance and has worked with the financial services industry since 1997.  This gives us an edge to provide Business Processing Outsourcing solutions to the financial services industry. 


Initially, Nicoya Tech was founded by Grupo Zapata S.A. in Nicaragua and U.S. Citizens.  The company in the U.S. and Nicaragua is owned by US Citizens. Since 2015, we have worked with numerous financials services to include Fundry Capital from New York, Yellowstone Capital, Florida Merchant Services, and Lendinero.  We have managed inbound and outbound services from sales, to customer service to support.  Also, we have worked as a Wix Partner and have serviced other U.S. companies in other industries. 



Best of all Nicoya Tech is registered as Florida DBA and is registered in Nicaragua as an S.A. company.  When you outsource to Nicoya Tech, you will be executing a contract with a U.S. company for greater protection. 

We have offices in Nicaragua and a remote workforce in Mexico and Panama.  We have been working with technology, digital, and remotely since 2014.   This gives us the competitive advantage that many companies don't have.  We use fiber optics, secured servers, cloud based systems, VOIP, and other systems to provide the highest quality of service.   Our fees per agent or representatives are reasonable.