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One day in a Nicaragua coffee shop Gil, Samantha and Francisco discussed the there were no tech hubs, in Nicaragua and in Central America. After having a coffee break, they decided they would form Nicaragua's first incubator and accelerator to help students and entrepreneurs. 


Gil Zapata, is the President of Grupo Zapata S.A., a Nicaragua based company that works with Lendinero.com, online lenders such as On Deck Capital and the utilization of different digital marketing platforms.  Gil is also the founder of Lendinero.com, a US online lending marketplace for small businesses.  Francisco Ruiz and Samantha Rivas, are two recent graduates in systems engineering from Managua who completed their internship in 2016 with Lendinero.com.

Many experiences led to the creation of Nicoya Tech.  Aside from Samantha and Francisco other students have completed internships with Lendinero.com.  We assessed that they had limited exposure in working with US based tech platforms.  Despite the lack of experience many of these students learned quickly.  Furthermore, other students had an eagerness to initiate their own companies.   A fast start was directing them to make sales via social media platforms. Today, some of these young entrepreneurs are generating between $700 to $2,000 per month via the internet. In the U.S. that does not sound like a a lot of money. In Nicaragua the average salary is $200 per month. $1,000 per moth in Nicaragua is the equivalent of $4,000 to $7,000 per month in the U.S.

Nicoya Tech is an incubator and accelerator for entrepreneurs, students and professionals in Nicaragua and Central America.  It's a membership based organization that provides benefits to its members and the public. Our goal is become a non-profit in the US and in Nicaragua.  We provide our members co-work space, seminars, educational tools, certifications, networking opportunities, new venture assistance and  business advice.  Our goal is expose our members to other tech hubs, online platforms and the venture capital community in Latin America and the U.S.  Nicoya Tech is forming partnerships with prominent universities in Managua Nicaragua, tech platforms in the U.S. and other organizations. We have certified various members via Google Academy, Wix Academy, Facebook e-learning, Udemy and other certifications.

"One day I read about a kid in College who had developed an APP in one of the local newspapers in Nicaragua.  This kid had even gained traction.  Several months have gone by and never read about him again.  He never appeared on techcrunch.com or he never had the chance to present his idea to Venture Capitalist.  This is when it hit my mind.  Imagine if that kid had a chance to present his idea to Venture Capitalist?  How would he even know where to start?  Does he even know what the Y-Combinator is or other organizations alike?  Nicoya Tech can help Nicarguan and Central American talent in converting start up ventures into businesses.  This is why I believe with time we will find those innovators who deserve the big opportunity", states Gil Zapata, Co-founder of Nicoya Tech.


These experiences led to the creation of Nicoya Tech. Our mission is to help Nicaraguan students, entrepreneurs and professionals to obtain the knowledge necessary to convert a conventional business to an online business.  Our vision is to find talent who can develop innovative ideas utilizing internet technology. As a result, Grupo Zapata S.A. and Lendinero.com agreed to provide the financial support and resources needed to launch Nicoya Tech. This is why we exist. We invite you to explore Nicaragua's and Central America's tech landscape. 

NICOYA TECH has been featured in every major TV station in Nicaragua
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